moon phase experiment

August 2nd 2011 UPDATE
Well a lot of time has passed, between moving from geocities and now I managed to lose the site somehow, I think it was the fault of the host's CPanel as there was a point where I couldn't even upload. Back to hair - I have been continually trimming back to Classic Length, the tips of my 'V' are thickening nicely, a couple of times I have had some hair at fingertip length but it simply wasn't visibly there so trimming back improves the look of my hair a great deal.
September 2010 saw my return to henna because the Amla and Brahmi had considerably darkened my chestnut brown hair to an ashen deep brown, almost black! 2011 saw my return to the occasional shampoo/condition to combat the tangling left behind by henna resins but I do always go back to Indian Herbs, namely Shikakai which still makes my hair soft and shiny - I still make it into a cooked thickened gloop.
In other news I finally succumbed to the wonder of Ficcare Maximas and various Artisan hairtoys! Well a girl has to have something to spend her pocket money on, and they ARE investments after all... :)

May 1st 2009 UPDATE
I'm currently deciding on whether to trim a couple of inches off. There's still this problem with about 2 hairs at fingertip length and the longest ten or so hairs being about 2" beyond Classic, but not really doing much for the overall look of my hair. I might feel odd trimming that much but I don't think it will be a bad thing necessarily.
When I trim I will record the details on the trims page, but this difference in length will not be subtracted from the overall growth for the month. I will calculate the growth since last measurement prior to trimming so that the overall growth for the month is not reduced just because of a trim. An asterisk (*) beside the date and measurement will serve to indicate that a trim has been had since previous measurement (see trims on link to right). I will enter below the actual measurement.
In 2005 I switched to measuring quarterly. It is better for me to not have to think about my hair length once a month and just forget about it. I measure close to the Full Moon and the Quarters. I ended my moon phase experiment at the end of 2003 - this is still archived at the top of the page.
The next measurement is due between Full Moon on September 12th 2011 and Mabon. My last trim was July 1st 2011. :)

Here are my measurements so far:

date measurement total mm/"
Dec 10th 2011 pending .
Sept 12th 2011 pending .
June *15th 2011 *44" (april trim) 1" since trim
Mar 19th 2011 47" 0"

date measurement total mm/"
31st Dec 2010 47" 0.8"
Sept 23rd 2010 46.2" 0.7"
June 26th 2010 45.5" 0.5"
Mar 30th 2010 45" 0"

date measurement total mm/"
Dec *31st 2009 *43.75" (Nov trim) .
Oct 4th 2009 46" 1"
July 7th 2009 45" 0"
Mar 11th 2009 45" 0"

Dec 12th 2008 45" 0"
Sept 15th 2008 45" 1"
June 18th 2008 44" 0"
Mar 21st 2008 44" 1"

Dec 24th 2007 43" 1"
Sept 26th 2007 42" 0.5"
June 30th 2007 41.5" 1"
Mar 3rd 2007* *103cm/40.5" *13mm - 0.5"

date measurement total mm/"
Dec 5th 2006 104.2cm/41" 19mm/0.75"
Sept 7th 2006 102.3cm/40.25" 26mm/1"
June 11th 2006 99.7cm/39.25" 32mm/1.25"
Mar 14th 2006* *96.5cm/38" 0mm

December 15th 2005* *96.5cm/38" *38mm - 1.5"
September 18th 2005 93.5cm/36.75" 25mm - 1"
June 22nd 2005 91cm/35.75" 35mm - 1.75"
March 25th 2005* *86.5cm/34" *25mm - 1"

date measurement total mm/"
*December 26th 2004 *84cm/33" *27mm - 1"
October 28th 2004 81.3cm/32" 0"
September 28th 2004 81.3cm/32" 18mm - "
August 30th 2004 79.5cm/31.25" 8mm - "
July 31st 2004 78.7cm/31" 7mm - "
July 2nd 2004 78cm/30.75" 17mm - "
June 3rd 2004* 76.3cm/30" 13mm - "
May 4th 2004 77.5cm/30.5" 11mm - almost "
April 5th 2004 76.4cm/30+1/8" 11mm - almost "
March 6th 2004 75.3cm/29+5/8" 13mm - "
February 6th 2004 74cm/29+1/8" 10mm - " just less
January 7th 2004 73cm/28" 18mm - 1+1/8"

date measurement total mm/"
8th December 2003* *71.2cm/28" 7mm - " just over
9th November 2003 71.2cm/28" 12mm - " approx
10th October 2003 70cm/27" (just over) 5mm - " approx
*10th September 2003 *68.5cm/27" 16mm - 5/8"
12th August 2003 67.8cm/26" almost 10mm - " just less
13th July 2003 66.8cm/26" 13mm - "
14th June 2003 65.5cm/25" #

moon phase experiment